Aerial photo of the Pentacrest Confidential Hotline

EthicsPoint is not an emergency service. If you need help in an emergency, call 911.

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Our Commitment

The University of Iowa recognizes its obligation to its faculty, staff and the community to maintain the highest ethical standards. Policy compliance is a shared responsibility that depends on individuals voicing their concerns.

Confidential and anonymous

This site provides an anonymous, confidential way to report potential issues. The university will address reports promptly and discreetly, sharing facts only with personnel needed to investigate and resolve the matter.

The university will not divulge the identity of a Hotline reporter without consent. No retaliation will be taken against people who report potential policy breaches in good faith.

Reportable issues

Use this site to report issues related to:

  • Financial
  • Healthcare Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Research
  • Risk and Safety

Direct Reporting to the University of Iowa

This hotline service does not replace existing reporting methods. The university strongly encourages staff and other members of the campus community to report concerns of misconduct directly through normal lines of communication.

This hotline should not be used to report issues concerning discrimination, harassment, or student conduct. Matters of this nature usually cannot be appropriately addressed when the complainant chooses to remain anonymous, and the university may not be able to investigate such allegations in an anonymous report. These matters should be reported by directly contacting the offices listed below:

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