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RIT Ethics and Compliance Reporting Hotline
Consistent with RIT’s responsibility to conduct its affairs ethically and in compliance with the law, the university has an anonymous communication system to augment existing campus reporting options for financial, accounting and compliance related irregularities or concerns. The hotline provides a simple way for RIT students, faculty and staff to anonymously report activities that may involve misconduct or violations of university policies or applicable regulations or contractual obligations. This hotline is independently operated for RIT by EthicsPoint—a third-party vendor—to maintain the anonymity of those who report irregularities or concerns. You may submit a report via this site or by calling 866-294-9358. You may choose to report anonymously or provide contact information.
Although RIT’s Ethics and Compliance Hotline may also be used to notify RIT of harassment and discrimination concerns, including Title IX offenses (gender discrimination, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and sexual violence), it is highly encouraged that these incidents be reported to Human Resources, RIT Title IX Coordinators, RIT Public Safety or one of the confidential resources noted below. In addition, if your desire is confidentiality, rather than anonymity for cases involving sexual harassment or discrimination, please contact one of the following campus offices:
  • Student Health Center 585-475-2255
  • Counseling & Psychological Services 585-475-2261
  • Spiritual and Religious Life 585-475-2137
  • The Ombuds Office 585-475-7200.
Please note that RIT’s Ethics and Compliance Hotline is not intended to replace or supersede any existing reporting methods or protocols; furthermore, it is not to be used to report matters related to health, fire, safety, personnel issues other than harassment or discrimination, or academic matters. RIT strongly urges members of the RIT community to report possible misconduct relative to financial reporting, accounting, internal control, regulatory compliance and use of RIT resources, through normal lines of communication; routine discussion with one's supervisor is the preferred method of resolution of most concerns. If this is not satisfactory, alternatives are department or division management, human resources representative, or appropriate members of RIT management.
This hotline should not be used for certain human resource, safety or compliance concerns as noted below. Reports not accepted via this hotline service include the following:
  • Issues concerning academic matters
  • Issues concerning human resources such as personnel performance. Please direct these reports to your appropriate human resources services manager at 585-475-2424.
  • Issues concerning physical violence. Please direct these reports to one of the following offices:
    • RIT Public Safety at 585-475-3333
    • Human Resources at 585-475-2424
    • Counseling & Psychological Services (confidential resource) at 585-475-2261
    • The Center For Women and Gender 585-475-7464
  • Emergencies or public safety concerns. Please direct these reports to Public Safety at 585-475-3333
  • Issues concerning student health. Please direct these reports to the Student Health Center at 585-475-2255 weekdays during normal business hours. For emergencies call Public Safety at 585-475-3333
University management will respond to reports submitted via RIT’s Ethics and Compliance Hotline promptly and discreetly with the objective of gaining a full understanding of the reported concern, corroborating all associated facts and circumstances, and correcting the situation being reported. We encourage anyone making a report to return to this site within seven business days of filing the report using the Report Key and your private password assigned by EthicsPoint. This provides a method for continued anonymous communication in order for the investigation team to ensure they have enough information for a thorough investigation. This will also provide you with an update on the status of the investigation. No retaliation action will be taken or tolerated against anyone reporting or inquiring in good faith about potential breaches of RIT's policies, applicable regulations, or appropriate stewardship and use of RIT resources.
To Make a Report
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Accounting or internal control issues, fraud, theft, or other financial issues.
Issues relating to research programs.
Payroll misappropriations, leave misappropriations, and similar issues.
Confidentiality of information, improper use of intellectual property, and improper supplier/contractor activity.
Data privacy or integrity, inappropriate use of technology, software piracy or copyright infringements.
Gender Discrimination or Harassment (Title IX), (including sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and genetic predisposition).
Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Child Gender Discrimination or Harassment, or other issues related to minors.
All other issues not specifically identified in the other category types listed. Concerns reported in this category will be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate area responsible for investigating the issue.
Do not use this site for reporting matters that may present immediate threat to life or property or other emergency. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response. If you require emergency assistance, please call 911.