Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Helpline

In a healthy company, compliance is a way of life. There are always rules and processes, but more importantly, ethical conduct should be stitched into the fabric of daily business. It must be encouraged, respected and expected. Ethical business becomes a part of the way people work, both internally and externally when interacting with customers, vendors, government officials and others outside the company. ANSYS takes great pride in its culture of integrity and has a strong and long history of ethical conduct. In turn, I take great pride in working at ANSYS.

Doing the right thing is not always easy. Taking shortcuts on integrity can be tempting. Unethical business conduct can sometimes make things faster, easier or more lucrative. Temptations can be subtle and also influenced by the cultural differences that are an inherent part of our global business.

The relationships critical to our success at ANSYS are built on maintaining the highest ethical standards. If you believe that ANSYS or its directors, officers, employees or any of our business partners may have breached the standards set out in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, we encourage you to submit your concerns here.

In some countries, local laws restrict the types of reports that can be accepted through this system. These restrictions generally limit reporting to financial, accounting, auditing and bribery matters. If you wish to report matters outside those allowed for your country, please contact a member of your local management team, the Human Resource Department or

Ajei Gopal

President and Chief Executive Officer

Follow-up on a Report

Non-Retaliation – ANSYS, Inc. will not take any action against you as a result of raising an ethical issue in good faith.