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L3Harris provides this website for you to ask questions, report unethical behavior and insider threat concerns, or to submit conflict of interest disclosures in a secure and confidential manner.

We believe that a “speak-up” culture creates a healthy, respectful, and productive workplace. Thank you for taking the time to come forward - we take all reported concerns seriously. Any form of retaliation against an employee, who makes a report in good faith, is a violation of our Code of Conduct.

NOTE: Due to European Union privacy laws, reporting concerns via this website are not available in some countries, such as Germany and France. Employees should report concerns to their supervisor, Ethics Advisor, or appropriate functional representative (i.e. Human Resources, Security, Legal, etc.).

Ask a Question Click here to ask for information or guidance about any topic related to our Code of Conduct Make a Report Click here to report suspected ethical misconduct, or a violation of company policy, law, or regulation Conflict of Interest Disclosure Click here to disclose an actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest.
Click here to Follow-up on submitted Inquiries, Reports or COI Disclosures. Your report ID and PIN are required for Follow-up