Code of Conduct and Business Conduct Help Line

At Donaldson, we believe that a key to our success is our longstanding commitment to integrity in our dealings with our customers, employees, shareholders, government authorities, suppliers, neighbors and the public. We are committed to preventing ethical violations and conflicts and correcting any that may occur. If you have a concern about the conduct of any Donaldson employee or anyone representing Donaldson, we want to know about it.

While we have internal controls and procedures that we believe will discourage and prevent improper conduct, there is an easy way to report actual or suspected activities that may involve improper conduct or violations of our Code of Conduct. Our Business Conduct Help Line is managed by EthicsPoint, a secure and independent reporting source, ensuring confidentiality and access by telephone or the internet at all times.

Donaldson employees are encouraged to discuss concerns with their supervisor, Human Resources representative or the Legal Department. Donaldson employees are required to promptly report known or suspected violations. Employees who, in good faith, report wrongdoing to management will not be the subject of reprisals or other punishment.

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