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KLA EthicsPoint Portal

Our Values

At KLA, our standards of business conduct are defined by our core values. In everything we do, we strive to reflect these basic KLA values: Each of us has the right to work in a safe and ethical environment and it is the responsibility of every KLA employee to ensure we maintain our high ethical standards and consistently live our values.

How Should I Raise a Question/Concern?

To raise a question or report an ethics concern, you may dial 888-278-3169 or use this online tool, as described below.

What Is This Online Reporting Tool?

To ensure we are upholding our standards of business conduct and living our values, KLA has deployed an intranet-based reporting tool that allows employees to bring certain questions or ethical concerns they may have to the attention of KLA. The system is managed by an external, third-party vendor, EthicsPoint.

How Should I Use This Online Tool?

To raise a question or concern, go to “Make a Report” and select the country in which you are located and the country in which the suspected ethical violation took place.
To check the status of an existing question/concern, go to “Follow-up on a Report” and click on “Click to Continue.” Depending upon the issue you are raising, it is possible that the report that you make will be directed to the local authorities or back to your local management. For example, French law requires that reports involving matters of antitrust, insider trading, and inventions and patents be directed back to local management.
In case you do not find the information you were looking for, or the list of ethical issues does not include the topic you wish to raise, please refer to your local management for further guidance.

Should I Provide My Employee Information (Name, etc.)?

Employees may report violations or suspected violations anonymously or by identifying yourself. KLA encourages employees to share their identity when reporting rather than anonymously as it facilitates investigations. Employees who make good faith reports will be protected from retaliation. Your job status, working conditions, or relationship with KLA will not be adversely affected for good faith reports.

What If I have More Questions On This Online Tool?

For questions you might have regarding this tool, please see the Questions & Answers page.