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Other Compliance Resources

The following offices are available as resources for all Penn employees who have a concern or issue to report:

University Compliance Contacts
Organization Compliance Concerns Telephone #
Affirmative Action Disability or Religious Accommodations; Equal Opportunity; Affirmative Action; Discrimination; Harassment; Title IX 215-898-6993
Athletics NCAA; Intercollegiate Rules and Regulations 215-898-6121
Audit, Compliance and Privacy Compliance & Privacy (including HIPAA); Misuse of Funds 215-P-COMPLY
Comptroller Tax; Payroll 215-898-6301
Environmental Health and Radiation Safety Environmental and Occupational Safety; Radiation Safety; Hazardous Materials 215-898-4453
Facilities Operations Building Codes 215-898-7208
General Counsel Legal; Compliance 215-746-5200
Human Resources Human Resources Policies and Programs 215-898-7281
International Programs Study Abroad, Immigrations Compliance; SEVIS 215-898-9073
Ombudsman Academic and Workplace Disputes; Procedural Fairness 215-898-8261
Provost Concerns by Faculty 215-898-7227
Public Safety Safety and Security; Crime Reporting; Fire Safety 215-898-7515
Student Financial Services Higher Education Act 215-898-6784
Registrar FERPA 215-898-6636
Risk Management Worker’s Compensation; Misuse of Property; Event Reporting 215-898-2720
Treasurer Banking; Cash Receipts; Credit Cards 215-898-9844
Vice Provost for Research:   IACUC/ULAR Animal Research 215-746-5624
    Institutional Biosafety Committee Recombinant DNA; Biological Agent Research 215-898-6236
    IRB Human Subject Research 215-898-2614
    ORS Sponsored Project Research 215-898-7293
    Research Compliance COI; Research Misconduct 215-898-7236
Vice Provost for University Life FERPA; HIPAA; Diversity Issues; Crisis Intervention; Facilities and Operations; Mental Health; Community Outreach 215-898-6081
Health System Compliance Contacts
Organization Compliance Concerns Telephone #
Audit, Compliance and Privacy Compliance and Privacy (including HIPAA); Misuse of Funds 215-P-COMPLY
Billing Compliance & Review Services: Medical Billing Compliance Coding & Information 215-349-5423
    Confidential Reporting 215-349-5422
Clinical Effectiveness & Quality Improvement: Regulatory Compliance   HUP 215-662-2699
    PAH 215-829-6511
    PPMC 215-662-9337
Corporate Recruitment Immigration Compliance 215-662-3608
Finance Tax; Payroll 267-414-2344
General Counsel Legal; Compliance 215-746-5200
Human Resources Human Resources Policies and Programs; Affirmative Action 215-615-4492
Human Resources Information Systems Employee Records 215-615-2638
Information Technology and Security Information Technology & Security 215-615-0643
Patient Affairs Patient Concerns and Complaints 215-615-4119
Risk Management Event Reporting 215-746-5303
Safety and Emergency Management Safety; Fire Safety; Hazardous Materials; Emergency Management 215-662-3642
Security: Safety & Security HUP 215-662-2677
    PAH 215-829-3434
    PPMC 215-662-8085
    SOM 215-898-0196

In addition to these resources, concerns may be reported to Penn's confidential reporting and help line, by dialing 215-P-COMPLY or online (Click here to Make a Report).



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