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The University of California takes violations of federal and state laws, and of University policy, seriously. We have selected EthicsPoint to provide a confidential means for reporting suspected misconduct. You may report your concerns online or by phone. With either method you can choose to remain anonymous. At the end of your report, you will create a PASSWORD and receive a REPORT KEY, to allow you to continue to communicate with us online or by phone. Please save your REPORT KEY and PASSWORD. Your PASSWORD cannot be reset or recovered. Please note that if you do not retain your REPORT KEY and PASSWORD, you will not be able to view the status of your report, submit additional information, or respond to follow-up questions. For information regarding what happens once you submit your concern, please see the FAQs.

This Whistleblower Hotline allows you to report the following:
    Child / Elder Abuse If this is an imminent threat, please call 911.

    Physical injury or death inflicted by other than accidental means on a child or elder by another person. It includes willful harm or injury; sexual abuse, assault, and exploitation; endangerment; and unlawful corporal punishment or injury.

    Conflict of Interest / Commitment
    Conflict of Commitment; Conflicts of Interest; Employee / Vendor Relationship; Gifts, Gratuities or Benefits; Honoraria Acceptance, Near Relatives, PhRMA Code / Interactions with HealthCare Professionals.

    Contracting for Covered Services
    Violations, including wage and benefit parity violations; inappropriate contracting for covered services; failure to employee Qualified Individuals.

    Discrimination / Harassment
    Issues relating to Discrimination or Harassment related to admissions, employment, hostile work environment, or to abuse of authority, due to your or another's race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender, gender expression, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition (cancer-related or genetic characteristics), genetic information (including family medical history), ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or service in the uniformed services.

    Please use the Sexual Misconduct issue type for concerns relating to Sexual Harassment

    Fraud / Theft / Embezzlement
    Deliberate submittal of false claims to private health insurance and/or tax-funded health insurance programs such as Medicare or Medicaid; issues relating to credentials misrepresentation; bribery; compensation plan violations; embezzlement; employment credentials misrepresentation; falsification of university records; fraud (including insurance fraud, healthcare fraud, Medicare fraud, Stark/Stark II, vendor / consultant / contractor fraud, and workers compensation fraud); kickbacks; incentive payment / gainsharing; theft of cash, theft of goods / services; and travel / expense reimbursement.

    Health / Safety / Violence
    If this is an imminent threat, please call 911.

    Violence and threats of violence; on the job injuries subject to a worker's compensation claim; public safety or sanitation issue affecting University property or stemming from a University facility; unsafe working conditions within the University workplace that poses a threat of injury or illness to the employees within that area; and any threat to the health or safety of individuals working in or around a University research laboratory.

    Information Security / Privacy Violations
    Issues relating to computer security & data integrity; breaches of confidentiality; access to or release of data restricted, either by classification or by user account or group; violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Identity Theft "Red Flags" rule; access to or release of student education records, or other violations of student privacy (FERPA (Student) Privacy); improper access to or release of an employee's, student's or customer's personal financial information (GLBA violations); and HIPAA (Patient) Privacy Violations

    Medical Care & Misconduct
    Policies, practices, or individual actions causing unacceptable quality of care to patients. Includes negligence, medical errors, accidents, and abuse.

    Research Misconduct
    Issues relating to academic fraud and misconduct, including animal subjects concerns, clinical trials issues, copyright / trademark violations, export controls violations, grant misconduct / misappropriation, human subject concern, and scientific / research misconduct.

    Retaliatory actions taken by managers, supervisors, or co-workers

    Sexual Misconduct
    Non-consensual sexual violence, sexual assault, sexual contact; relationship violence including dating violence and domestic violence; stalking, sexual harassment, including quid pro quo and hostile work environment; invasion of sexual privacy; exposure; and retaliation. Non-consensual conduct includes conduct that was consented to under duress, or by a person who is not competent to consent (e.g., a child, a person who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a person who is unconscious, or a person who is incompetent to consent). Cases will be reported to Title IX office.

    Waste / Misuse of University Resources
    Issues relating to abuse of authority; improper use of technology resources; lobbying or improper political activity; missing / unaccountable asset; theft of time; use of resources for private / personal business; wage & hour issues; and misconduct, incompetency, and inefficiency

    Workplace Misconduct
    Bullying; coercion, employee dishonesty; employee lack of integrity and / or dishonesty; failure to follow rules or policy; inappropriate or illegal supervisor directive; nepotism or favoritism; policy violations, sabotage or vandalism, student misconduct against University faculty or staff; substance abuse on University property; wrongful discipline or discharge; other human resource matter


To report a concern about any of these issues, please click Report a Concern Online, above, or call 800-403-4744.
Phone interpreters are available for numerous languages.

This service is not intended to replace management or supervisory oversight. You may always report your concerns directly to your manager. Personnel issues may also be addressed to Human Resources or Labor Relations.


The University of California does not tolerate retaliation against those who have reported suspected misconduct. For more information please visit: Whistleblower PolicyWhistleblower Protection Policy, Whistleblower FAQs

Please use the Campus Climate Report Form, to report behavior that is inconsistent with our Principles of Community (expressions of bias, hate speech, hate crimes, graffiti/vandalism, intimidation, bullying, or physical violence, bias incidents, hostile climate, and other campus climate issues).