At Codelco we are committed to probity, transparency, security and unrestricted respect for human rights in the extraction, transportation, marketing, handling, processing and export of copper. We offer you our Complaints Line that allows you to report, individually or anonymously, facts that may constitute violations of legal regulations, policies, procedures, the Code of Conduct, our Corporate Sustainability Policy or any other regulation applicable to the Corporation, its Employees, its relations with contractors and/or third parties.

Once you complete your complaint, the System will assign you a unique code called a “report number” and then ask you to create a password. Please make a note of both and keep them in a safe place. We may ask you for additional background information that will be vital to the review of the case.

If your complaint is of a health or medical nature, please use the channels provided by the respective providers or institutions for those purposes.

For any doubt, please check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.