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Welcome to Booking Holdings Inc. Compliance Helpline

Before you make a report, we suggest you spend a few moments to review our Helpline Tutorial here.

Every day, we at Booking Holdings Inc. help people experience the world through our superior products and services. Our employees, customers and investors expect our business to be conducted with integrity and in compliance with applicable laws. Our continued success and reputation depends on our commitment to not only get THE RIGHT RESULTS, but to attain them THE RIGHT WAY.

IF SOMETHING DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT, PLEASE DON’T WAIT. The Compliance Helpline is always available to you, even if you are in doubt about what to do.

At Booking Holdings Inc., we seek an environment of open communication and trust. We want you to be at ease speaking up and approaching any person or resource you feel comfortable talking to. The most direct way to report a concern is by talking with your immediate supervisor or manager, your local Human Resources Representative, your brand company Compliance Officer, or a member of the Legal Team, or anyone listed on the “Resource Contacts” tab.

For every concern, it makes sense to review the Code of Conduct and other guidelines/policies in advance. Your local Ethics Ambassador (if you have one in your location) is also available to provide guidance, help you find the right policy, or answer any questions you may have regarding how to report a matter.

We seek to provide a safe, healthy and productive workplace for our employees and do not tolerate retaliation against any employee who raises a concern in good faith.

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