Compliance and Ethics Hotline

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To report Adverse Reactions, contact BioMarin at 1-866-906-6100

Patients are at the Heart of Everything We Do

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. (BioMarin) is dedicated to providing innovative treatments to patients around the world who are suffering from rare genetic diseases. We are committed to cultivating an environment that thrives on our employees’ creativity and intellect but respects and follows the laws and regulations that govern our behavior. Therefore, it is our responsibility to conduct all aspects of our business with the highest ethical standards.

We expect all employees and BioMarin partners to adhere to BioMarin’s Global Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (the Code; link here) and to other relevant internal policies. These policies provide guidance on how we conduct business, advance our mission, and maintain BioMarin’s good name and reputation.

Employees have a Duty to Report Ethics/Compliance Violations

Under the Code, employees are required to report actual or suspected violations of law and/or BioMarin policy. You help us foster an ethical environment by bringing forward any evidence of unethical or illegal behavior.

Open Door Policy and Zero Tolerance for Retaliation

We are here to help, and our door is always open. If you need to report a violation, have questions, or are just seeking guidance, please speak to anyone on BioMarin’s Corporate Compliance team (link to our BioWeb page here), email us (, or reach out to any member of management at BioMarin.

BioMarin has zero tolerance for retaliation. BioMarin employees should feel free to report any actual or suspected violation without fear of reprisals. Should you feel that you are the subject of retaliation, please immediately contact Corporate Compliance (

Confidential Reporting

Because of BioMarin’s absolute commitment to integrity and fairness, we need and value your input. To make reporting easier, especially if you do not feel comfortable speaking directly with management or Corporate Compliance, BioMarin has partnered with EthicsPoint to provide a confidential method for you to share your suggestions, concerns, or reports of misconduct. Where permitted by law, you may also provide your report anonymously. We would rather you report anonymously than keep the information to yourself.

You have our guarantee that your comments will be heard. Your input is essential to ensuring that we build communication and promote safety, security, and ethical behavior.