“Within American Woodmark, we truly stand behind our core values. They represent the fundamental beliefs of how the company, our employees, and all of our stakeholders should conduct ourselves. Our company’s Code of Ethics clearly outlines these expectations. To remain true to these values, each and every one of us must accept the accountability to operate within our core values, as well as have the courage to take appropriate action when they are exposed to situations where others operate outside the boundaries of our cultural imperatives. To assist our employees and stakeholders in identifying potential code of ethics violations, the company has established a Code of Ethics Hotline. The hotline offers a safe and secure means for our employees and stakeholders to raise any confidential concerns they may have. You have our commitment that all concerns submitted to the hotline will be properly investigated. Please utilize this valuable service when appropriate, thereby ensuring we all uphold the highest standards of trust and integrity."

Scott Culbreth
President and CEO

Business Conduct and Ethics at American Woodmark

At American Woodmark, one way we develop an environment that embodies the highest ethical standards in business conduct is through our Code of Conduct (the “Code”).

Our integrity system sets the foundation for the corporate governance of American Woodmark, and includes a critical framework of Principles, Practices and Procedures that combine our corporate experience, up to date research of applicable legal requirements and best practices as well as benchmarking on corporate ethics and compliance.

The Code aims to ensure that all members of American Woodmark’s workforce act with the highest level of integrity, comply with applicable laws, and build a better future for our Company and the communities in which we do business.