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Welcome to Trinseo's Ethics and Compliance Hotline

Our Commitment

Trinseo is committed to conducting business legally, ethically, and treating others with the utmost respect throughout the worldwide Trinseo organization. Trinseo employees are expected to uphold the highest ethical and business standards in all matters involving the Company and to comply with all applicable laws and governmental regulations of the countries in which Trinseo does business and treat all partners with respect.

NOTE: The Ethics and Compliance Hotline is administered by a third-party service where individuals can report any issue concerning an incident addressing fraud, abuse, and other misconduct in the workplace. Any issues or concerns reported via the hotline will be forwarded Trinseo's Office of Ethics and Compliance.

Trinseo appreciates your input and encourages you to report any business conduct concern. All concerns are taken seriously and retaliation against anyone who raises an allegation in good faith is prohibited.

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