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Tenneco Ethics and Compliance Hotline

Meeting competitive challenges and embracing opportunities places tremendous pressure on employees at every level of our company. Our business, which demands strict adherence to rules and laws, is being made more complex by our desire to continue providing customers with ever-increasing levels of quality and performance. However, this pressure to succeed can never be an excuse for taking short-cuts that would compromise our integrity. Those with whom we do business expect and deserve nothing less than the highest level of ethical business practices from Tenneco and each employee of the company.

When you are faced with an ethical dilemma, you have a responsibility to behave ethically and take action. It may seem easier to say nothing or look the other way, but taking no action is, in itself, an action that can have serious consequences. Speak up if you see or suspect activity that violates Tenneco's Code of Conduct. The Board of Directors and Senior Management Team are committed to maintaining an environment that fosters open communication and encourages employees to report known or suspected violations.

At Tenneco, we don’t allow any form of retaliation (such as firing, salary reduction, or any other negative job action) against those who share sincere concerns, cooperate in investigations, or make honest reports.

What is an honest report? It’s speaking up about something that you truly believe may be a violation of our Code, our policies, or the law – even if you’re mistaken.

Whether or not your suspicions prove to be true, they will be taken seriously, and you will be protected when coming forward. We value your voice and encourage you to speak up with as much detail as possible. The more information you provide, the more likely we can resolve the issue at hand.

So, speak up and take comfort in knowing you’re helping maintain the trust and reputation that keeps us in the driver’s seat.