Frequently Asked Questions

What is Insight Global, LLC Ethics Helpline?

The Insight Global, LLC Ethics Helpline is a comprehensive and confidential reporting tool to assist management and employees to work together to address fraud, abuse, and other misconduct in the workplace, all while cultivating a positive work environment.

Why do we need a system like EthicsPoint?

  • We believe that our employees are our most important asset. By creating open channels of communication, we can promote a positive work environment and maximize productivity.
  • An effective reporting system will augment our other efforts to foster a culture of integrity and ethical decision-making.
  • EthicsPoint provides a channel to report information confidentially and anonymously if you choose.

Should I identify myself?

It is usually easier to conduct a more thorough investigation if you identify yourself and those involved because it allows the Human Resources department to directly follow-up with you and others. If you choose to identify yourself in reporting your concern, Insight Global, LLC will make every reasonable effort to hold your name in confidence during the investigation.

Can I report my concern anonymously?

You may report your concern anonymously by using the Insight Global, LLC Ethics Helpline – online or by phone. Please note, if you report anonymously, the only way Human Resources can communicate with you is via the portal. After you file a report, you will be provided with a report number and PIN code. You must save both the report number and the PIN code in order to follow up or see any updates to your report.

What type of situations should I report?

The EthicsPoint system is designed for employees to report any issues or concerns regarding unethical, unprofessional, illegal, fraudulent, or other questionable behavior.

If I see a violation, shouldn't I just report it to my manager, security, or Human Resources and let them deal with it?

When you observe some behavior that you believe violates our code of conduct, we expect you to report it. If you see something, say something. Ideally, you should bring any concerns forward to your direct manager, or other member of our management team. We recognize, however, that there may be circumstances when you are not comfortable reporting the issue in this manner. It is for such circumstances that we have partnered with EthicsPoint. We would rather you report anonymously than keep the information to yourself.

Will I be retaliated against for filing a report?

Insight Global, LLC strictly prohibits retaliation. We consider acts of retaliation to be misconduct that can result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. We seek to provide a safe, healthy and productive workplace for our employees. Insight Global, LLC will immediately investigate claims of retaliation, and, if necessary, take prompt corrective action.