Our Code of Business Conduct (COBC) is our commitment to our shareholders, customers and each other. We each make important contributions to protecting our company and its reputation. Recognizing right from wrong, and understanding the ethical and legal implications of our choices, is fundamental to doing what is right at Gap Inc. We are each responsible for applying the standards outlined in our COBC to our work, every day, no matter where we do business around the globe.

We are also responsible for acting with integrity. We all have an obligation to speak up and voice any questions or concerns when we see something that doesn’t seem right.

    If you believe someone is not complying with our COBC, other policies or the law, if you have a question or concern, or are unsure how to handle a situation, here is what to do:
  • Use our Open Door process and talk with your supervisor, manager, or Human Resources
  • If you are not comfortable using the Open Door process, email Global Integrity at global_Integrity@gap.com or contact the COBC Hotline
  • You are also encouraged to make a confidential phone or web report
You can also ask questions regarding the Code of Business Conduct here, or email Global Integrity.

Any names or contact information provided will be collected and used in accordance with our applicable Employee Privacy Policy: US | Canada | EU

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