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Legacy Ranbaxy Disclosure Program

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (“Sun”) offers a program for individuals who want to disclose violations of United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) requirements related to facilities owned by Ranbaxy (“Legacy Ranbaxy Facilities”) prior to Sun’s acquisition of Ranbaxy. This disclosure program (the “Legacy Ranbaxy Disclosure Program”) applies specifically to those Legacy Ranbaxy Facilities, and is different from the disclosure programs or policies that apply to other facilities or products owned by Sun.

To that end, Sun has established a Program managed through Sun, in which individuals are provided an opportunity to disclose any perceived violation of policies, conduct, practices or procedures believed to be a violation of FDA requirements at Legacy Ranbaxy Facilities. To the best of Sun’s knowledge and based on Sun’s good faith understanding of the applicable laws and statutes that might govern, the Legacy Ranbaxy Disclosure Program complies with such laws and statutes. A link to a copy of the policy for the Legacy Ranbaxy Disclosure Program is available on the Sun website.

Sun encourages individuals to report perceived violations of FDA requirements related to Legacy Ranbaxy Facilities. The Legacy Ranbaxy Disclosure Program will help Sun ensure full and sustainable compliance with FDA requirements.

In order to facilitate the Legacy Ranbaxy Disclosure Program, an independent third party company (EthicsPoint) has been retained to receive complaints and inquiries 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Individuals can contact the program via the Phone Hotline, via Internet, or Postal Mail & E-Mail. They also have the option to identify themselves or make complaints anonymously. Sun will hold the identities of such individuals with complete confidentiality, to the extent permissible by law.

This declaration is made as of March 25, 2015. Our Legacy Ranbaxy Disclosure Program is dynamic, and in order to address evolving compliance needs we will assess our Disclosure Program regularly for purposes of this declaration.

NOTE: The Disclosure Program is different from the US Compliance Program which was developed per the requirements of California Health and Safety Code Section 119400-119402. A copy of this document can be obtained by contacting the Company in the United States at 888-726-2299.

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