No Retaliation

DAI wants you to feel confident and safe in raising your concern. No matter who you are or who may be responsible for the behavior, you should feel secure in raising the issue.

DAI will not discharge, demote, suspend, threaten, harass, or discriminate against any person in terms and conditions of employment based upon any lawful actions that person may take in making a good-faith report of ethics or compliance concerns. Supervisors are trained and expected to listen to allegations in a respectful manner.

Raising a Concern at DAI

DAI is committed to creating a safe, ethical and inclusive environment to work. We call on our colleagues, partners, and others to report issues – unethical, illegal, discriminatory, or irresponsible acts – that will prevent us from fulfilling our mission of shaping a more livable world. Employees are responsible for sharing any violations of our policies. If you are a victim of sexual misconduct or discrimination, you are not obligated to inform us, but you’re strongly encouraged to speak up. That way, we can promptly address issues to ensure DAI is a safe, positive environment for all.

We treat all concerns in a confidential, respectful way, putting the welfare and safety of the victim(s) or reporter first. Raise your concern with a manager, the ethics and safeguarding team, the Global Head of DEEI, or HR, here on the Speak Up Line (web or telephone), or your local DAI office. Please note that if you report anonymously, you will have to check back with us through the Speak Up Line to answer questions DAI may have to help with the investigation and if you want to receive follow-up information about your concern.

If you see something, speak up, say something!