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Integrity is not an occasional requirement

Ethics and business are inseparable at GrafTech and its subsidiaries (the Company). No other business objective can be achieved without following the highest ethical standards and complying with all the local and national laws and regulations that pertain to our operations.

Can we do that? I’m not sure…

The GrafTech Code of Conduct and Ethics is designed to help us make ethical business decisions. When questions arise or when you need an interpretation of policies or procedures, you should never hesitate to ask a question or report a concern—it is your duty to speak up!
(Please click on the tab above named “Code of Conduct and Ethics” to reference the complete document.)

I wanted you to be aware of…

Tell us what you know. Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent consistent with the best interests of the individuals involved, our companies, and our companies' obligations under the law. The Code of Conduct prohibits retribution or retaliation of any kind for doing so.
(Please click on the tab above named “GrafTech’s Commitment to Integrity & Reporting Guidelines” for full reporting policy details and other statutory requirements.)

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