Report a Compliance Concern

Please note, the DaVita Compliance Hotline is intended to report compliance concerns. A Potential Compliance Violation is defined as:

In the U.S., any act, conduct, event or situation that violates or leads to a violation of DaVita's Code of Conduct, DaVita's CIA obligations, DaVita's compliance policies and procedures and applicable laws and regulations, including those that apply to federal or state health care programs.
Outside of the U.S., an issue involving corruption (taking or giving bribes or kickbacks), improper payments for patient referral, fraud or embezzlement (for example, fraud in expense reimbursement), falsification of our books and records (for example, sham contracts or fake receipts), violations of healthcare regulations, or any other violation of compliance policies. (Please note that in some countries you may be limited in the kinds of issues you can report through the Hotline. Please consult your Hotline Guide for more information.)

If you wish to report an issue related to People Services/Teammate Relations or DaVita guest services concerns, please select your country below and see the list on the right side of the screen titled “Other Ways to Report” for the correct way to report those types of issues. Those types of issues should not be submitted via the Compliance Hotline.

If what you are reporting is a compliance concern, please select the country in which you are located to submit online. Additionally, after selecting your country, you may also view the Hotline number for your country to report your concern by telephone.

IMPORTANT: It is critical that you remember your Report Key and Password for follow up. This is the only way for you to receive information back from the team if you report anonymously.

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