Welcome to the PayPal Integrity Helpline

Acting with integrity is what makes PayPal successful. It’s the foundation of the trust we’ve built with our customers over the years, and a mantra for how we work with one another and run our business every day. All of us should feel empowered to speak up if we have concerns about the way we conduct business.

To make it easier, we have engaged EthicsPoint, a third-party solution provider, to administer the Integrity Helpline. This resource is always available to you in multiple languages by phone or Internet. Your submission, if desired, can be made anonymously.

What Happens After You Submit a Report?

The Ombuds/Ethics team reviews each report and assigns it to an investigator. We encourage you to identify yourself to enhance our ability to gather necessary information related to your report. If you provide your contact information in your report, the investigator may contact you directly about your concerns. Although we do not encourage anonymous reporting because it is not as helpful to the investigator who must examine the facts alleged in your report, we will still proceed with the investigation if it is submitted anonymously. To help you maintain your anonymity, you will be given a unique report key and provided with an opportunity to create a password so that you may check on the status of your question or report, to add information to the report, and/or to correspond privately and anonymously with the Ombuds/Ethics team. In any event, when an investigation is conducted, we strive to maintain confidentiality whenever possible. At the conclusion of an investigation, we will update you about the status of the investigation.


PayPal Inc. has a strict non-retaliation policy. This means that retaliation of any kind against employees for reporting a violation in good faith is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Good faith doesn’t mean you have to be right. It simply means you believe you are providing truthful and accurate information about the concern you are raising.

Because our actions determine our company’s success, I want to thank you for your help in ensuring our company always does the right thing.


Fiachre O’Neill
Chief Compliance Officer
PayPal Holdings, Inc.