We Want To Hear From You

If at any time you believe our company’s commitment to our values, including integrity, accountability, health and safety, or compliance with the law may be at risk, it is your duty to report the situation to a manager, Human Resources, the Legal Department or the Office of Ethics and Compliance at ethicsandcompliance@stericycle.com or contact our Ethics Line.

The Stericycle Ethics Line is hosted by a 3rd party, available by phone or online 24/7 and in many languages. Violations of the Code of Conduct, health or safety policies or the law should be reported. Anonymous reporting is available where legally allowed. All reports are handled confidentially and investigated appropriately. Retaliation of any kind against a Team Member for making such a report in good faith is prohibited regardless of whether the allegation is proven to be true.

Michael Weisman
Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Stericycle