Welcome to the
Levi Strauss & Co. Report Line

The Report Line is a resource to help you communicate with LS&Co. regarding actual or suspected violations of our Code of Business Conduct. Any information you submit through the Report Line will be kept confidential to the extent possible while conducting a thorough investigation. All reports and inquiries are promptly forwarded to the Compliance Office for review and investigation by the appropriate team.

Our Commitment

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of business conduct and ethical behavior. Empathy, originality, integrity and courage, with our Code, enable us to build durable brands and lasting customer relationships around the globe. We rely on our employees, customers and business partners to help us uphold these values. It is everyone’s responsibility to bring forward issues or concerns that they are aware of that may impact the company. If you suspect or are aware of behavior in violation of the Code, we ask that you promptly report this information.


Employees may, in certain circumstances, need to raise concerns regarding perceived Code of Conduct violations, illegal harassment or issues of ethics, and such concerns may involve employees at all levels in the organization. It is LS&CO. policy not to allow retaliation for reports of misconduct done in good faith even if, after an investigation, it appears that the report does not have merit. Employees are, furthermore, required to cooperate in investigations undertaken by the company in response to such reports.