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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EthicsPoint?

EthicsPoint is a third party helpline service operated by NAVEX that allows third parties and employees to report concerns to Apple.

Are there other ways I can report a concern?

Apple employees have many resources available to report a concern, including their manager, People Team, Legal, or Business Conduct. The People Team and Business Conduct have internal resources that provide direct links to phone, email and online support and reporting options.

The external EthicsPoint helpline service is the only method that allows you to report concerns anonymously.

What happens when I report a concern?

Concerns shared through EthicsPoint are received by Apple’s Business Conduct team and shared with appropriate internal partners.

For questions and concerns about account issues, online orders, tech support, or defective products, contact AppleCare by visiting

What happens when I ask a question?

Guidance on the application of the Business Conduct Policy is only provided to verified employees. EthicsPoint will share your request for guidance with Apple’s Business Conduct team, which may respond either on this platform or through our internal Business Conduct portal, in which case you would receive an email notification on how to access your request.

Can I report a concern anonymously?

Yes. You have the option to report and follow up on a concern anonymously. If you make an anonymous report, keep in mind that it may be more difficult to investigate an anonymous concern due to difficulty in obtaining specific details and/or answers to follow-up questions. Some local laws also discourage anonymous reporting, including in most European countries, where anonymous allegations are discouraged and should be limited to accounting and internal controls issues, including fraud, inaccurate records, auditing, bribery and corruption, and other financial matters.

If I submit a report through EthicsPoint, is it confidential?

Reports submitted through EthicsPoint are handled by Apple’s Business Conduct team. Apple will treat all disclosures of suspected wrongdoing in a confidential and sensitive manner and maintain your privacy. Confidential means that your identity will be shared only with those who have a need to know in order to effectively conduct any investigation and follow-up action (including, if necessary, disciplinary action) on your concern, or where there is a legal requirement to share your identity.

To ensure the privacy of everyone involved, you should only disclose information that is relevant to the concern and avoid providing information not relevant to the concern. If you have further questions on the treatment of your personal data, you should contact Apple as detailed on the Privacy Enquiries site.

Will my company computer or server logs identify me as a report originator?

No. EthicsPoint does not generate or maintain any internal connection logs with IP addresses.

If I report by phone can it still be anonymous?

Yes. You will be asked to provide the same information that you would provide in an online report. An interviewer will type your responses into the EthicsPoint server, create a report, and provide you with information on how to follow-up on your report.

Can I amend or update a report after it has been submitted?

When you file a report through the EthicsPoint website or call center, you will receive a unique username and select a password. You can then return to EthicsPoint either online or by phone to access your original report and add more details or updates.

Will there be follow-up questions from EthicsPoint or Apple after I submit a report?

Apple’s Business Conduct team or its internal partners may request additional information or clarification after a report is submitted. We strongly recommend that reporters return to EthicsPoint to check for questions. Failure to respond to follow-up questions in a timely manner may result in the closing of your matter.

Are follow-ups on reports also secure and confidential?

Apple will treat all correspondence related to disclosures of suspected wrongdoing in a confidential and sensitive manner and maintain your privacy.