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What Happens Next If You Elect to Report a Concern?

If you elect to report a concern through EthicsLine, it will be provided to the appropriate internal resources at the Company to review your concern. Rest assured that your report will be taken seriously and investigated consistently with our process. Your cooperation is critical to the success of our investigation, so please provide as many details as you can. Remember that if you do report anonymously, the only way we have to communicate with you is through EthicsLine, so please check back on your report from time-to-time in the event our investigators have questions for you. We will maintain your confidentiality to the greatest extent possible, consistent with ensuring a thorough investigation.

Can I Remain Anonymous If I File a Report?

Reports may remain anonymous where permitted by law. Some parts of the world restrict the types of issues about which you can ask questions or report concerns. If EthicsLine is unable to accept your inquiry or report, you will receive a notice advising you of the same. In such instances, we recommend that you contact your Local Ethics Officer or other local resources directly with your concerns.

No Retaliation: The Coca-Cola Company will not tolerate retaliation against any employee because they used EthicsLine (or any other appropriate channel) to report an ethical concern. Employees who come forward with concerns play an important role in maintaining our ethical workplace as well as in protecting our company's reputation. Please inform the Ethics & Compliance Office should you want to discuss potential retaliation concerns.

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