Report a Concern


At BOK Financial, managing risk is one of our eight key core competencies. Growing a successful company for more than 100 years takes excellent risk management skills. We strongly encourage our employees to speak up if they see a problem through reporting a concern via reaching out to their manager, calling our Risk Reporting Hotline or through email.

–Stacy C. Kymes
CEO & President
BOK Financial

Helping Manage Risk

Unethical, illegal or irresponsible acts can cause serious harm or loss to BOK Financial employees, customers and the organization as a whole. It is the responsibility of all of us to prevent these activities and preserve the strong culture of integrity at BOK Financial. If you are aware of or suspect misconduct, you are encouraged to report it immediately; you may report your concern directly to a manager, by calling the Risk Reporting Hotline at 844.297.5946 or by clicking the 'Report a Concern' link.

Our Policy of No Retaliation

BOK Financial does not tolerate retaliation for engaging in a protected reporting activity. Any employee who retaliates against another employee for engaging in a protected reporting activity will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.