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If you are a patient and require information about Medtronic devices and therapies, please contact Patient Services.

“Tenet 3 of the Medtronic Mission calls on us to act with HONESTY and INTEGRITY. Our culture of quality, inclusion, and ethics relies on employees using their voices and speaking up to make Medtronic a better place. This is a commitment we make to our customers and patients ― but also to each other. ”

-Geoff Martha, Medtronic Chairman & CEO

Voice Your Concern

Voicing your concern is asking a legal, compliance, policy, or ethics question; raising a concern about integrity or ethics issues; or reporting wrongdoing or misconduct. Medtronic encourages open and honest communications of concerns and the Voice Your Concern program helps us uncover and address integrity and ethics issues early, while they are more easily resolved.

The Voice Your Concern Line provides reporters with a toll-free or online resource free from fear of retaliation in a confidential setting, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Medtronic uses the Voice Your Concern Line to log, investigate, and track matters where Medtronic employees and/or its agents have not complied with the law or with Medtronic policies or procedures. Misconduct also includes but is not limited to action that could expose Medtronic, its employees, officers, or directors to liability; or damage Medtronic’s reputation.

To determine if your concern involves violations of Medtronic policies, please refer to Medtronic’s Code of Conduct.

Important notice about U.S. Benefits:

If you have a question, concern, or complaint about a benefits plan or policy, including benefit payments or benefit payroll deductions, contact AskHR at (800) 987-3565 or askhr@medtronic.com and your case will be reviewed and escalated as appropriate.

You may also contact your benefit plan directly using the contact information on the back of your ID card. A vendor contact listing is also available on benefits.medtronic.com under Contacts.

Product Complaints

For concerns about Medtronic products that are or appear to be unrelated to the actions of Medtronic employees, please report them directly to the relevant points of contact at Product Complaint Handling as soon as you become aware of them.

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