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To follow up on a report made before November 27, 2018, please click the Continue button below.

To follow up on a concern reported after November 27, 2018, please enter your Report Key and Password below.

At GM, we value your courage in speaking up and reporting possible misconduct. Consequently, it is important for us to provide you with follow up on the reports you submitted to the Awareline. This follow up option allows you to retrieve questions and answers, and receive status updates posted to you by General Motors Case Managers. To follow up on an existing report or question, please enter the report key provided to you, along with the password you created when you initially submitted your report or question.

What should I do if I lose my report key or forget the password I created?
If you chose to identify yourself when reporting: You should have received an automated email after you filed your report that contains your report key. Please reference that email and enter the number provided, along with the password you set up.

If you chose to remain anonymous: Because of the high level of security that is maintained for these reports, if you lose your report key or password, your report will still be received, but you will not be able to receive follow up. If you feel strongly about receiving follow up, you will need to file a new report and mention in the new report that it is related to a report you previously filed.

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