Open Door and Ethics Hotline

A Message About The Open Door and Ethics Hotline

At Chico’s FAS, Inc., we take pride in fostering a culture that has a deep commitment to honesty, trust, and respect for all. We make business decisions every day that affect others, and influence how our Company is perceived. Each of us has a responsibility to conduct ourselves lawfully and ethically, with integrity and honesty, and to promote ethical behavior throughout the Company.

At Chico’s we encourage open and direct communication between Associates and leaders. While we believe that is the most effective way to address concerns, we also provide a confidential Open Door and Ethics Hotline where Associates can report concerns without fear of retaliation. When contacting the Open Door and Ethics Hotline Associates may choose to remain anonymous.

Chico’s maintains the Open Door and Ethics Hotline in partnership with NAVEX, an independent reporting service that allows Associates to communicate anonymously and confidentially online or by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you see or suspect someone of violating Chico’s Code of Ethics, any Chico’s policy, or any law, please report it immediately by clicking on the ”Report A Concern” link above!

For more information or questions regarding the reporting process, please click on the Frequently Asked Questions link above.