Nufarm is committed to fair, ethical and professional business practices and an inclusive, safe workplace for all. When we raise our concerns, we continue to build a culture of trust and continue to build a better Nufarm.

If you have a concern about unethical, illegal or unsafe activity, please don’t keep it to yourself. You are helping protect our customers, our people and others by raising a concern if things don’t feel right. We can’t address issues unless we know about them.

For employees: If in doubt, employees should reach out to their line manager or a member from HR or Legal. If you feel that you can’t go to your manager, then you can share your concern confidentially online or by phone. Choose whichever reporting option you are most comfortable using.

EU/EEA Notice: For Individuals in the EU and EEA, Nufarm’s Integrity Helpline's phone and web services only allow you to report suspected violations of statutory regulations or threats to public goods/interests, financial, accounting, auditing matters or bribery based on the basis of concrete evidence. You may still raise any other concerns you may have with your Line Manager, or a representative from HR or Legal.