Momentive Ethics Line

Report A Concern

Things to Know About Momentive’s Ethics Line

What happens after I contact the Ethics Line?

If you make a report, it will be investigated confidentially and professionally. You may be asked to provide more information. If you reported anonymously, the questions will be posted through the Ethics Line for you to review and respond. You may or may not receive information on the ultimate results of the investigation, but you will receive confirmation that the issue has been addressed.

What is Momentive’s stance on retaliation?

No employee will be disciplined, lose a job, or be retaliated against in any way for asking questions or raising concerns about our legal or ethical obligations when acting in good faith. Good faith does not mean an individual has to be right; but it does mean that the individual must believe that the information provided is truthful.

Are reports to the Ethics Line secure and confidential?

All investigations will be handled in a professional manner. Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent possible and appropriate with sensitivities to the important privacy interest of all parties. If you believe that an investigation is being conducted inappropriately, you should report it immediately.