EthicsPoint Confidential Call Line

For team members within the Barry-Wehmiller family of companies, as well as BW partners, customers, suppliers and other third parties

Report a Concern by Phone

Call line communication specialists are expressly trained to assist with creating your confidential report. At the end of the call, you will be given a unique report key, along with a password of your choosing, which can be used to follow up on your report. NAVEX does not capture the telephone number of incoming calls.

The EthicsPoint Confidential Call Line, operated by NAVEX, is a 24-hour call line and website for team members within the Barry-Wehmiller family of companies—as well as BW partners, customers, suppliers and other third parties—to confidentially report (to the extent permitted by law) potential workplace and/or other concerns, without fear of retaliation. Utilize this call line if you have concerns regarding:

  • Team member relations and inappropriate behavior
  • Improper business dealings
  • Health, safety and work environment
  • Theft, fraud and embezzlement
  • Falsification of documents and records

Barry-Wehmiller is committed to conducting business with the highest ethical standards and integrity, as outlined in the BW Code of Conduct and Ethics and embodied in the Guiding Principles of Leadership (and other vision documents).

Within each of the BW businesses, a culture of fairness, respect and personal accountability is promoted. BW team members: While communicating directly to your leader represents the most effective way to report your concerns, BW also offers this confidential option for maintaining a safe, ethical, secure and positive work environment.