Welcome to the eBay Integrity Helpline

We should all feel empowered to ask questions and to speak up if we have concerns about the way we’re conducting business with our customers, partners and each other. The Integrity Helpline is designed to make it easy for you to speak up and you can do it anonymously, if you wish. This service is operated by EthicsPoint (NAVEX), a third-party solution, which allows you to share your concerns with our eBay Business Ethics & Compliance team.

What Happens If You Submit a Report?

You can choose to report anonymously, or you can provide your contact details. The Business Ethics & Compliance team will review each report and assign it to an investigator.

If you do provide your contact details in a report, the Business Ethics & Compliance team may contact you directly. Otherwise, any correspondence with you will be conducted on an anonymous basis via EthicsPoint. You'll be able to create a personal password, which you can use to check the status and updates of the report after it's been submitted. You will be able to add additional details using message boards.

In either situation, we will strive to protect your confidentiality whenever possible. At the conclusion of an investigation, we will inform you about the status of your report.


eBay has a strict non-retaliation policy. This means you will not be punished for reporting a violation in good faith. Good faith doesn’t mean you have to be right. It simply means that you believe you are providing truthful and accurate information about the concern you are raising.

Doing business with integrity is critical to our company’s success. Thank you for helping to ensure that eBay always does the right thing.


Marie Oh Huber
Senior Vice President, General Counsel
eBay, Inc.