Speak Up

Amentum is committed to fostering a speak-up culture and promoting an atmosphere where people feel comfortable reporting concerns of non-compliance. If you know or suspect that a violation of a company policy, regulation, or law has occurred please speak up. It is important to come forward with compliance concerns early and report potential violations of our Code, our policies, or the law to the appropriate party.

Do the Right Thing

At Amentum, we share a commitment to doing the right thing, every day, in every interaction, and in every location where we operate. We act honestly and with integrity. All Amentum employees have a responsibility to do the right thing by reporting potential violations of our Code of Conduct or company policies.

The Amentum Hotline

Amentum has contracted with an outside vendor, NAVEX, to administer the EthicsPoint hotline on behalf of Amentum, providing hotline web intake services and telephone intake through a globally accessible 24/7/365 contact center. When a Reporter makes a report via the Amentum EthicsPoint Hotline, NAVEX Contact Center operators conduct an intake interview with the reporter. The Contact Center provides live telephone language interpretation in 150+ languages. When a report is submitted to the Amentum Hotline, either through web or telephone Contact Center intake, the details are relayed to the Amentum Ethics & Compliance office for review and assignment. Amentum investigates all reports promptly, thoroughly, and consistent with applicable law. Investigations will be kept confidential to the fullest extent possible, consistent with the law and good business practices. If someone wishes to report a concern anonymously, they may do so with confidence by using the Amentum Hotline. If necessary, Amentum may report certain investigations to the appropriate authorities.

See the EthicsPoint FAQs for more information.

Privacy Policy

Amentum is committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal information and/or personal data (“personal information”) of prospective, current, and former employees, as well as members of the public who use the EthicsPoint hotline. The Company collects, processes, and transfers personal information provided voluntarily by hotline users in order to investigate and resolve inquiries made and concerns raised through the hotline. For information regarding Amentum’s Privacy Policy, please visit https://www.amentum.com/privacy-policy/