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Welcome to the Clayton State University Ethics and Compliance Reporting Hotline

Dear Campus:

Clayton State University recognizes that an ethical, efficient, and effective work environment is essential to successfully accomplish our mission. As a result, we have always placed a high priority on assuring that each member of our university community has the opportunity and means to convey any matter that could compromise that environment. We encourage you to seek resolution by reporting departmental issues through your supervisory chain of command. Internal handling is often the most thorough is often the most thorough and timely method of producing a resolution. Reporting through your supervisory chain frequently produces the most thorough and timely resolution of a matter and is encouraged. However, other reporting avenues, such as Public Safety, Human Resources, and Internal Audit are readily available. In keeping with our efforts to expand alternatives for reporting matters of significance, we have Hotline reporting available through a service provided by an independent company, Global Compliance. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and allows you to voice your concerns, and to remain anonymous if you prefer. This service allows you to anonymously send additional information if available, attachments and also receive feedback or questions on your report via a report number and PIN.

Our highest priority is to deter fraud, waste, and abuse as well as harassment of any kind, given that they so directly impact our stewardship responsibilities and the well-being of individuals within our campus community. Yet, we would encourage you to report any other significant issue as well through any of the methods available to you.

This service is more than just a Hotline through which individuals can report issues of suspected fraud, waste or abuse. We continuously solicit questions, comments and feedback about areas which could be streamlined and made more efficient and effective.

Your input is essential to ensure that Clayton State University maintains a positive, productive workplace. This is your system and we encourage you to use it – together we will achieve excellence.

Dr. Thomas J. Hynes, Jr.