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The University System of Georgia (USG) is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and conducting our operations honestly, honorably and legally. Every member of USG’s community has a responsibility to follow university system policies and procedures, adhere to applicable laws and regulations and speak up when we see or suspect misconduct.

Please do your part. If you suspect unethical, unsafe or unlawful behavior or violations of policy or state and federal laws, I encourage you to tell your supervisor or the designated USG office about your concerns. If you feel uncomfortable doing so, USG offers an option for anonymously voicing your concerns: the Ethics and Compliance Reporting Hotline (Ethics Line).

The Ethics Line has been in use since 2008 and has been a vital part of our commitment to being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us and maintaining the public’s trust. Those who have used it have made an important contribution in helping USG identify instances of fraud, waste and abuse.

Additional information about the Ethics Line is provided below and can also be found in the FAQs linked above:

How to Make a Report

Reports can be made by phone or online. Please see the “Report by Phone” and “Report Online” options above on this page. To facilitate a thorough investigation, please provide as much information about your concern as possible.

What Should Be Reported?

You should report violations of USG policies, state or federal laws, violations of ethical and professional standards of conduct and fraud, waste or abuse. Examples of what should be reported include but are not limited to: USG Ethics Policy violations, discrimination, harassment, research misconduct, theft, forgery, academic misconduct and privacy violations.

Free Speech and Censorship Concerns

USG is also committed to the robust protection of free expression rights and rigorously enforces the USG policy on Freedom of Expression. The USG has a solemn duty to protect the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment and the academic freedom of all students and faculty. The USG Ethics & Compliance Reporting Hotline may be used to report any violations or perceived violations of the USG policy on Freedom of Expression.

Please help USG preserve an environment that promotes integrity, scholarly activity and workplace productivity, and carry on the traditions and ethical practices we have built over nearly a century.

Dr. Sonny Perdue

Please note: Each institution within the University System of Georgia has an Ethics and Compliance Hotline created for that institution. A link to all USG Ethics Lines may be viewed by clicking here. The USG Ethics Line is primarily designed for use by employees of the University System Office which includes the Shared Services Center, the Georgia Public Library System, State Archives, and the Information Technology Service located in Athens, Georgia. All Ethics Lines are part of the USG’s comprehensive ethics and compliance program and are overseen by the USG Office of Ethics and Compliance. You may confidentially report on the USG Ethics Line or your institution’s Ethics Line and have confidence that your report will be properly reviewed.