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A few things to know about the Santen Speak Up Portal

What is Santen’s Speak Up Portal?

Santen’s Speak Up Portal is a web-based portal supported by the third-party vendor, NAVEX. It is a comprehensive and confidential reporting tool that enables all Santen personnel to report any actual or potential wrongdoing or violations such as fraud, abuse, and other misconduct in the workplace in order to promote a safe, healthy and successful work environment for everyone.

Can I remain anonymous if reporting through the Speak Up Portal?

You may choose to remain anonymous, unless prohibited by country regulations. Should you choose to identify yourself when making a report, be assured your identity will be treated as confidential and only shared to the extent required to conduct an effective investigation and take corrective action as necessary. The Santen Speak Up Portal does not attempt to identify reporters, whether submitting telephonically or electronically. In some regions however, anonymous reporting is not allowed, so Reporters have the option to remain anonymous or provide their name and other contact information.

What types of situations should I report?

The purpose of the Speak Up Portal is to document concerns about suspected or potential violations of Santen’s internal policies/regulations such as Santen’s Code of Practice, Whistleblower policy, or breach of the local law/regulations of the relevant location. This includes acts of corruption and bribery, conflicts of interest, acts of dishonesty and deceptive practices, inappropriate conduct, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, data security and privacy breaches, workplace safety, misuse of computer or electronic communications, and concerns about environmental health and safety issues, antitrust, and securities laws.

All Santen employees have the responsibility to promptly report any potential violations as mentioned above and may do so via the Speak Up Portal. Reporters are protected from retaliation for concerns raised in Good Faith (believed to be true). Any report not made in good faith is not acceptable as it goes against the spirit of wanting to create a safe, healthy and successful work environment for everyone and will therefore be subject to disciplinary action.

Reporters are provided with a Report Key after they have submitted their concern and that allows for anonymous communication with a relevant party managing the case.

Why should I report what I know?
What’s in it for me?

As Santen continues to define the standards of excellence in public health care, we must deliver compassionate, high-quality care and act with integrity. Santen personnel have an obligation to report unsafe practices, unethical behavior or violations pertaining to the Code, policy or procedure, or applicable law or regulation.

When someone’s actions violate our Code, our policies or procedures, or applicable laws or regulations, it can harm Santen. If a law is violated, the result could be civil or criminal action against Santen and the person responsible.

We take any potential violation seriously. Reports of potential misconduct are reviewed carefully and steps are taken to correct the situation, including disciplinary action when appropriate.

Being ethical and compliant in everything that we do is everyone’s concern. It is your responsibility to speak up and report any potential violations and compliance concerns and our culture of compliance starts with you!

For more information about anonymous reporting and the Santen Speak-Up Portal, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.