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ATTENTION! This webpage is hosted on EthicsPoint's secure servers and is not part of the Bread Financial website or intranet.
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Welcome to Bread Financial’s Ethics Helpline

If you suspect a possible violation of our Code of Ethics, or any other unethical, illegal or fraudulent behavior, we encourage you to speak up and report it.

At Bread Financial, our Ethics Helpline provides a means to report potential violations of our Code of Ethics, or any other unethical, illegal or fraudulent behavior. The Ethics Helpline is an important part of our ethics and compliance program. All associates have an obligation to speak up and report suspected violations of our Code of Ethics, or any another unethical conduct, and to ask questions, raise issues and seek guidance when in doubt.

Our Ethics Helpline is hosted by a third party provider, EthicsPoint, and is available on a 24/7 basis and provides for anonymous reporting if desired. Bread Financial is committed to protecting the rights of individuals who report issues and prohibits retaliation against any individual who reports in good faith, a concern about potential violations of policies or procedures, or other illegal or unethical conduct.

For more information on our Ethics Helpline, see our Ethics Helpline FAQs

Corporate Ethics Office

Follow-up on a Report

Report Key:
  • What should I report?
  • Examples of concerns that can be raised through the Ethics Helpline include, among others:
    • Harassment
    • Discrimination
    • Retaliation
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Theft
    • Violence or Threat
    • Fraud
    • Violation of a Policy
    • Accounting and Auditing matters
    • Bribery or Corruption
  • Who manages the Ethics Helpline?
  • The Ethics Helpline is a confidential online reporting system run by NAVEX, an independent third party, and is available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Can I file anonymously?
    • Yes – you can share your concerns anonymously through the Ethics Helpline. We do, however, encourage you to identify yourself and provide as much information as possible so we can efficiently and effectively investigate the reported issue. If you choose to file anonymously, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you check back periodically after filing the report using the “report key” discussed below so we are able to follow up with you if we have any additional questions or feedback.
    • The Ethics Helpline also has an anonymous real-time online chat feature that allows the person investigating the report to chat online with the reporter while still ensuring anonymity. This chat feature can be extremely effective and shorten the investigative timeline, particularly when there are follow-up questions.
  • How do I file a report?
  • There are two ways to submit a report:
    • Online: Select the Raise a Concern On-Line link at the top of this page.
    • By Phone: Call 877-217-6218 or select the Raise a Concern by Phone link at the top of this page.
  • What happens after I file a report?
    • Bread Financial takes every report of possible misconduct seriously. Once a report has been filed, the Corporate Ethics Office is notified of the report and conducts an initial review. Depending on the nature, urgency and potential impact of the concern, the Corporate Ethics Office will determine the appropriate team (i.e., Associate Relations, HR, legal, audit, finance, ethics, external advisors) to investigate the report. Investigations are conducted in an independent, fair and unbiased manner with respect to all parties. Details of the case, your identity and the identity of others mentioned in the report are kept confidential to the greatest extent possible and are only shared on a need-to-know basis.
  • How do I follow-up on my report?
    • After you submit your report (online or by phone), you will receive a unique code called a “report key”. This key will allow you to access the website to check for feedback, additional questions and progress on your report. This report key is particularly important if you choose to remain anonymous when filing the report, as we can only contact you through the website in that case. It is important to check back periodically after filing a report in case there are additional questions for you. As mentioned above, the Ethics Helpline has an anonymous real-time online chat feature that is helpful when the reporter is anonymous and there are follow-up questions.
  • What if I have an emergency?
    • Do not use this site to report events presenting an immediate threat. If you have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1, contact your local office security personnel or local authorities.
  • Will I be protected if I speak up?
    • Bread Financial encourages associates to speak up about suspected misconduct and will not retaliate or tolerate retaliation against any associate who reports a concern in good faith. Our policy does not, however, protect associates who maliciously raise a concern that they know to be false.
    • If you notice retaliation against you or any other person for raising a concern in good faith, report it immediately through the Ethics Helpline or one of the other channels available to you.