Froedtert ThedaCare Health, Inc. Compliance Hotline operated by NAVEX

“We value honesty, integrity
and compliance. If you see something that concerns
you, please speak up and
let us know.”

Compliance Reporting Without Retaliation

Froedtert ThedaCare Health, Inc. is committed to conducting its business with honesty, integrity and in a compliant manner.  The Compliance Hotline allows patients, colleagues, vendors and other parties to contact the Froedtert ThedaCare Health, Inc. Compliance Department anonymously to report any concerns they may have with the organization’s practices, policies, laws and/or regulations. 

Froedtert ThedaCare Health, Inc. leaders and staff will not retaliate against staff, colleagues, patients or any other party who raises a concern about noncompliance or unethical activities. If someone feels as though they have been retaliated against, they should report it immediately.

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