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To access the Helpline by phone:

Dial toll free within the United States and Canada: 1-800-300-1736

or Click here for Int'l Dialing Instructions

Our Commitment

Having an open dialogue with all of our corporate stakeholders is a critical part of our vision. With core values including “Highest Levels of Integrity” and “Respect for Individuals”, we are committed to listening to your comments and responding promptly. We are committed to ensuring that ethics and integrity are never called into question. Retribution against any employee for reporting or participating in an investigation for a suspected violation of law or policy will not be tolerated.

Our Expectations

We encourage employees to act in the best interest of the company, which shares certain fundamental principles, standards and responsibilities around business conduct and ethics even if laws and regulations may vary in the countries we conduct business in. Please take some time and review the Code of Conduct and Ethics. While compliance to our Code is required and expected, we also have the responsibility to come forward and report any violations of the Code.

Seeking Guidance

Radisys partners with EthicsPoint, an independent and objective company, specializing in the handling of confidential and anonymous reporting of workplace and ethical issues and concerns. You can report information in English or Chinese by either submitting a report on the EthicsPoint website or by calling a local toll-free number called the Radisys Ethics Hotline. The information you submit to EthicsPoint will be confidential and anonymously forwarded to management. If a situation you have identified is unclear or not covered by the Code, please ask a question by clicking on the link in the action box above. We value an open-door policy, so if your matter is less sensitive or significant, you are encouraged to communicate with your HR business partner or supervisor.

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics is the foundation of our overall control environment. We appreciate your efforts in maintaining Radisys’ high level of ethical and moral standards.