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At Kenvue, we believe acting ethically is everyone’s responsibility. That means reporting anything you believe to be unethical or illegal. We encourage anyone (including employees, business partners, customers, consumers and others) to report any conduct known or believed to be in violation of Company policies, guidelines, or applicable law.

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Frequently Asked Questions

May I report my concern anonymously?

Where local law permits, the Integrity Line accepts anonymous reports through a web-based form or telephone line. At the end of your telephone or web-based submission, you will receive a Report Key and be asked to create a Record ID.

Please retain your Report Key and Record ID to monitor progress or provide additional information, if necessary. This process also allows investigators to ask follow-up questions to those who wish to remain anonymous.

Kenvue will make reasonable efforts to keep your identity anonymous, should any legal claims be raised against or involve a Kenvue Company. However, in the event of government investigation of your complaint or pursuant to judicial procedural rules, we may be required to disclose your identity.

Kenvue will not tolerate threats or acts of retaliation against individuals who, in good faith, provide information in connection with reports of actual or potential misconduct.

How does NAVEX maintain confidentiality?

NAVEX does not trace phone calls or use Caller Identification. Website reports come through a secure Internet portal, which does not trace or show user screen names. Further, NAVEX does not generate or maintain internal connection logs containing Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

No information links your computer to NAVEX if you choose to make a report online.

Should employees report a concern through NAVEX or through their manager or human resources representative?

At Kenvue, we encourage employees to speak directly with their supervisor, management team, Human Resources representative, or the Equal Opportunity Office. Employees who are uncomfortable discussing their concern as described above, feel their concern has not been resolved, or prefer confidentiality and anonymity, can use the Integrity Line to ask a question or report a concern.

AskGS may be used to secure HR policies and job aides and to raise concerns about internal HR policies, such as annual leave.

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