A few things to know about Habitat Ethics & Accountability Line (“HEAL”)

What is HEAL?

Habitat for Humanity International (“HFHI”) is committed to supporting a respectful and ethical workplace, safeguarding the rights of those we serve, and properly stewarding our donors’ funds and resources. To further that commitment, HFHI provides a confidential reporting line, called HEAL, managed by a dedicated unit of investigators within HFHI’s Governance, Risk Management and Compliance department, or GRC. GRC Investigations maintains a confidential and independent reporting line to the HFHI board of directors.

HEAL is meant to be used by any Habitat for Humanity (“Habitat”) stakeholder—that is, any employee, volunteer, beneficiary-partner, donor or vendor working with a Habitat organization. Habitat stakeholders are encouraged to report incidents and concerns to HEAL if they are unsure about or uncomfortable with reporting the concern to their supervisor (if an employee) or to a manager within the Habitat network with whom they have contact.

Who administers HEAL?

HEAL is a global reporting system administered by an independent company, NAVEX. You may submit an issue to HEAL’s online platform either anonymously or using your name from anywhere in the world. You may also submit an issue by phone from most locations where Habitat operates.

What happens after I submit an issue to HEAL?

HFHI protects whistleblowers and does not tolerate retaliation against those who report concerns in good faith. Your report will be addressed in a confidential and professional manner. You may be asked to provide more information. If you reported anonymously, the questions will be posted through HEAL for you to review and respond. A notification will be posted in the case file within HEAL when the investigation has been completed.

For more information about anonymous reporting and HEAL, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.