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Need to File a Report?

If you are attempting to file a report and you do not wish to wait until the web service is restored, you may do so anonymously and confidentially by calling the hotline service phone number provided by your employer. If you do not know your employer's hotline phone number, please see the instructions below for the country where you are located.

US & North American Customers

For calls originating from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam, please call the number below.

United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam: (866) 384-4277

International Customers

If you are trying to reach the NAVEX Europe web portal, click here. Please note that US customers will not be able to access their accounts through the NAVEX Europe web portal.

If the country you are located in is not listed below or the number is not working for you, please wait until the online service is restored and file your report via the website.

Please call: