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Welcome to the AkzoNobel SpeakUp! reporting website

AkzoNobel has defined a set of core principles by which it conducts its business. These core principles - Safety, Integrity and Sustainability – as explained in the Code of Conduct and Business Partner Code of Conduct are at the heart of our vision to deliver leading performance. That vision is about more than sales, targets or market shares – it is about acting in a way that lets people know they can count on us to do the right thing. To show people what we stand for.

If you suspect that our Code, is being, or will be, violated, we strongly encourage you to report this to us. One way of reporting this to us is through SpeakUp!

SpeakUp! is designed to provide you comfort in raising your concern. There shall be no repercussions against anyone for raising their concern in good faith, even if the allegations turn out to be unfounded. Your report will be treated confidentially and only be shared with those who have a need to know. You can file a report anonymously if you want to, although we encourage you to disclose your identity to facilitate the investigation and communication.

SpeakUp! isn’t for concerns about the quality or performance of products and services, for reporting incidents (this includes emergency incidents, safety incidents, medical incidents or travel incidents). There are separate procedures available for that. SpeakUp! also isn’t for disagreements with management decisions, unless, of course, you think the decision concerned is a potential violation of the Code.

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