Ethics and Compliance Helpline

Letter From Our CEO

O-I Glass, Inc. is a 100-plus year old company with a proud history. Embedded within our history are the countless actions of O-I employees who each and every day make decisions that reflect the following overarching principles:

  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and
  • Adherence to high standards of ethical conduct.

This is the culture of O-I, and it has been the foundation for how we operate throughout our history. On a daily basis, our people make decisions guided by values like honesty, integrity, and business ethics. When our employees around the world do what’s right individually, in their teams, and in their business units, we are enabling O-I to lead with integrity.

O-I’s Code of Conduct is our guide as to how we conduct business globally. The Code sets the standards for how employees should interact with each other and with O-I’s business partners. All of you should be familiar with the Code and the underlying policies, particularly any topics that relate to your role.

When each of us leads with integrity, we build on O-I’s outstanding reputation. Through our collective efforts guided by the Code and our values, O-I will continue to grow and prosper. I am confident that our sustainable future will create a lasting legacy for future generations of O-I employees.


Chief Executive Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ethics and Compliance Helpline?
The Ethics and Compliance Helpline is a reporting system that enables O-I employees and others to ask a question or report a concern regarding an ethics and compliance issue. The Helpline is hosted by EthicsPoint, an independent third party.
What is EthicsPoint?
EthicsPoint is an independent company that provides secure, confidential telephone and web-based systems for use by employees and others who wish to ask a question or report an ethics and compliance-related concern. O-I is one of many companies that contracts with EthicsPoint for this service. In addition to providing service 24 hours a day, EthicsPoint offers interpreter and translation services that allow telephone and web reports to be made in dozens of languages.
How will my concern or report be kept confidential?
EthicsPoint does not trace phone calls or use caller identification. In addition, since EthicsPoint does not generate or maintain internal connection logs containing Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, no information linking your computer to EthicsPoint would be available if you choose to make a report online. Reports from your computer would come through a secure Internet portal which does not trace or show user screen names.

The information you provide will be handled by O-I in a confidential manner to the extent possible consistent with the obligation to investigate and remediate problems.
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