Welcome to MicroStrategy’s EthicsLine.

MicroStrategy is committed to conducting its business in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards. As part of MicroStrategy’s commitment, the company engaged EthicsPoint, an independent third-party provider, to provide you with an anonymous and confidential reporting mechanism that facilitates reporting of possible illegal, unethical, or improper conduct when the normal channels of communication have proven ineffective, or are impractical under the circumstances. This site is for Company employees, partners, customers, and vendors in a business relationship with MicroStrategy to ask questions and report matters related to MicroStrategy's Code of Conduct, including concerns regarding accounting, financial reporting, internal controls, fraud, theft and embezzlement. The information you submit will be treated confidentially.

Our Code of Conduct defines the values and standards by which MicroStrategy conducts business. It is designed to provide employees in the company with a clear understanding of the standards of conduct that pertain to our respective roles in the company. MicroStrategy's Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics may be accessed by clicking on the link on the MicroStrategy external website under the Investor Relations/Corporate Governance page.

The EthicsLine operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is run by EthicsPoint to help preserve confidentiality and anonymity. While employees are encouraged to include their names on reports in order to assist investigation and follow-up, you may choose to remain anonymous. MicroStrategy prohibits retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, reports a possible violation or who participates in an investigation.

An event could be reported one of two ways:

  1. Web Based Form (follow the instructions to the right)
  2. Toll Free Telephone Service (click here)


EthicsPoint is NOT a 911 or Emergency Service:
Do not use this site to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response. If you require emergency assistance, please contact your local authorities.


To Make a Report

    • From an outside line dial +1 888-266-0321.

      1. From an outside line dial the AT&T Direct Dial Access® for your location:
        Brazil (Cellular): 0-800-888-8288
        Brazil: 0-800-890-0288
      2. At the prompt dial 888-266-0321.
      3. The call will be answered in English. To continue your call in another language:
        1. Please state your language to request an interpreter.
        2. It may take 1-3 minutes to arrange for an interpreter.
        3. During this time please do not hang up.

    • Click here for toll-free international dialing instructions.

  • Please respond to the following questions:
    1. Are you located within one of the countries listed below?
      Country List:
    2. Belgium
    3. France
    4. Germany
    5. Greece
    6. Ireland
    7. Italy
    8. Netherlands
    9. Poland
    10. Spain
    11. United Kingdom
    12. Did the violation you are reporting, take place in one of the countries listed above?
    13. Click the "Continue" button to proceed with filing your report.
    14. After you complete your report you will be assigned a unique code called a "report key." Write down your report key and password and keep them in a safe place. After 5-6 business days, use your report key and password to check your report for feedback or questions.
    15. Continue