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  • Internal Audit Director -
    Tracy Knowles - 703-948-4381
  • HR Help Center -
    1-888-VRSN-HRH Non-US 703-948-3444
  • Global Service Desk - 1-888-VRSN-HELP or
    Non-U.S.Global Service Desk- 703-948-4340
  • Global Security Response Center - 1-877-SRC-VRSN or

The Executive Leadership Team is committed to making sure all Verisign employees have a safe, ethical, and professional work environment. If you are aware of actions or conditions that threaten this environment, then we need you to take action.

That's why we've made a number of changes to the ethics program here at Verisign. This renewed program will help us - Verisign management and Verisign employees - protect our company from fraud, abuse, or workplace misconduct.

To support our ethics program, we've hired a third-party vendor, so you have a confidential way to report any suspicious or unethical conduct. Two key things you should know:

  • You can report your concern anonymously. If you choose not to give your name, that's fine. Your concern will still be recorded and rigorously investigated - whether you choose to identify yourself or not.
  • If you choose to identify yourself, there will be no retaliation. Your job status, working conditions, or relationship with our company will not be adversely affected because you reported any incident or situation in good faith. Retaliation is a serious violation of our policies, and anyone found to have retaliated against another employee for reporting an incident or situation will be subject to disciplinary action - and could even be terminated.

To report an ethics concern, you dial (888) 353-5715. (Toll-free within the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and Canada. Click here for International Toll-free dialing instructions.) A trained, third-party representative will help you. Or, you can submit a report through the Ethics Reporting Tool website.

Verisign's future depends upon our maintaining the highest standards of ethics. Each of us has the right to work in a safe and ethical environment. The Executive Leadership Team needs your help to make sure we maintain these standards, and we're depending on you to use Ethics Reporting to let us know if you have a concern or if we are not living up to our principles.

We appreciate your commitment and dedication to Verisign, and for helping us do the right thing.