Integrity means being straightforward, honest, and transparent in our professional and business relationships. It also means speaking up when aware of conduct that potentially violates our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, our corporate policies, or global laws. In addition, it means seeking guidance when unsure whether something meets our Integrity standards.

Our Integrity Helpline enables Synopsys personnel, customers, business partners, vendors, suppliers, and anyone engaging with our company to raise questions or concerns. Outreach to our Integrity Helpline is administered by a third party and can be done anonymously, where permitted by local law.

Our Ethics & Compliance Team reviews each Integrity Helpline submission and takes appropriate action to evaluate and address the issues raised. Providing specific information and details regarding your question or concern will enable our Team to respond more promptly and thoroughly.

Synopsys does not permit retaliation against anyone who raises a concern in good faith – that is part of our unwavering commitment to Integrity.

If you have questions or concerns you’d like to raise directly with the Synopsys Ethics & Compliance Team, feel free to contact