We Value Your Feedback:

At WFS, it is our mission to empower children, adults, and families by providing transformational care. Your feedback is essential to ensuring that our staff continue to provide Quality Whole Person Care. Violations of policies and procedures can cause harm and loss to our organization, our staff, and the individuals and families whom we serve. We encourage you to share all concerns and partner with us in finding a resolution that best meets your needs.

We encourage individuals and staff to express their needs and concerns directly to their service providers and supervisors. You may also report through our EthicsPoint system. Following the completion of any report, please remember to record your uniquely generated login and password. You will need this to follow-up on the status of your concern. If you file anonymously, it is only possible for us to contact you within the EthicsPoint system. You will need to check back into the system periodically to ensure that your complaint is being processed and to verify that you have responded to any questions needed to resolve your concern.

WFS prohibits any retaliation resulting from a staff member and/or individual in services raising a concern or a complaint against the agency or a staff member(s). If you file a complaint or concern with WFS and feel that you are experiencing retaliation, please contact the WFS Human Resources department immediately.