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There are other ways you may contact Global Compliance & Ethics to report an ethics matter or to ask an ethics-related question:

  • Via the 24/7, toll-free Ethics Office telephone HelpLine at 877-327-2272 (within U.S. or Canada) or outside U.S. and Canada click here; callers may choose to remain anonymous
  • Via email at (external) or RSC: Ethics (internal)
  • Via regular mail at ConocoPhillips Global Compliance & Ethics, P.O. Box 2197, Houston, TX 77252

For individuals in the European Economic Area, the Ethics HelpLine only allows you to ask questions or make reports on issues relating to Accounting and Auditing, Bribery or Other Improper Payments, and Fraud or Falsification of Company Documents or Records. Should you wish to ask questions or report other matters, such reports should be made directly to your local management, Human Resources or in-house Legal counsel.

This is NOT an emergency service. Emergencies should be reported through the appropriate emergency call centers and/or your local authorities.

Attention! This web page is hosted on EthicsPoint's secure servers and is not part of the ConocoPhillips website or intranet.

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